Urbanization, Youth and Women Employment

Urbanization(Credit UNDP Rwanda / Denis Rugege)


One UN supports the Government in formulating a National Urban Policy that reiterates the role of cities and towns in national development. Capacity building of policy makers and relevant players involved in the urbanization process, including implementation of city master plans, is being assessed and strengthened. Currently, sustainable urbanization programmes are being piloted in selected intermediate cities together with programs aimed at upgrading informal settlements. Existing laws and regulations are being reviewed and reformed with a view to fast tracking urban development and the delivery of urban services. A model integrated approach to promote an urban green economy and create urban jobs for youth and women is being set up. Feasibility studies and an implementation plan of a pilot Green City are undertaken and developed. Green building codes are being developed, innovative building techniques and materials will be investigated and promoted, and affordable housing finance mechanisms will be established.


Youth and Women Employment

With One UN capacity development support, employment is mainstreamed into the national policies, strategies, programs and budget. Capacities of national institutions are be strengthened for effective employment coordination and development of employable and entrepreneurial skills and competencies for the youth and women. National institutions are supported through technical assistance for more effective employment and labour market information mechanisms. Business Development Services providers capacities are strengthened with a view to offering tailored made services to young men and women. Finally, efforts to increase access and utilization of financial services and ICT for youth and women through Government initiatives are promoted. The One UN programme promotes Government initiatives and actions that address the country’s needs for an alternative structural path to shape the nature of its economic transformation. The program additionally aims to expand the employment absorption capacity of the economy by shifting labor into high productivity industries and services. Lastly, the ONE UN programme promotes the creation of more off-farm employment whilst simultaneously enhancing agricultural development and generating decent work opportunities.

Success stories

30 Sep

Teaching Young Rwandans Entrepreneurial Skills

With the support of the One UN and UNDP, the Hanga Umurimo (Create-Your-Own-Job) Iniative works to education young Rwandans in entrepreneurial skills and provide them with access to finance, so that they can gain the skills and confidence neccessary for successful professional lives.

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