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One UN participating agencies support the implementation of the Green Growth Strategy through strengthening the capacity of relevant institutions to implement national policies related to natural resources, climate change and environment. Furthermore, support is provided to the Government in order to institutionalize and mainstream ‘Cleaner Production and Resource Efficient Production’ approaches into programs and policies. The support is also extended to the private sector through capacity development for industries to implement cleaner and resource-efficient production programs. Support is also provided to institutions including the Ministry of Disaster and Refugee Affairs to establish the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in line with the provisions of the Hyogo Framework for Action.

With One UN support, the Government is integrating environmental concerns, and climate change adaptation into their programmes and plans, including the scaling-up of production and use of renewable energy. Other key issues that the UN addresses through policy work, capacity development and research and knowledge management, includes: combating environmental and land degradation through agro-forestry; gully rehabilitation; land terracing; flood water capture and storage; and irrigation, all of which are effective long-term climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies, particularly for the poorer, most vulnerable segments of the society

Success stories

30 Sep

Transforming Nyabihu District

After flooding in Gishwati Forest in 2007, the One UN, lead by UNDP, assisted hundreds of displaced families in Nyabihu by implementing farming cooperatives aimed at generating income and fostering sustainable agriculture.

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