Humanitarian Response & Disaster Management, Refugees & Returnees

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IOM aids Rwandan returnees from Tanzania(credit IOM)

Humanitarian Response & Disaster Management

One UN supports to further develop national capacities for emergency preparedness, resilience building, contingency planning and response at all levels through research and assessment, comprehensive risk analysis and policy and strategy formulation. One UN assists the Government to: reinforce capacity development for the central and local bodies dealing with disaster management; develop an early warning system and monitoring; strengthen and operationalize the current national and district disaster management committees; raise awareness at community level on associated risks to different forms of humanitarian crises.

Refugees & Returnees

One UN supports improved protection and self-reliance of refugees and other affected populations especially children, adolescents and women. Improved access to rights and to justice, healthcare and education for refugees and vulnerable groups to promote their human rights and realization of their potentials are ensured with UN assistance. The programme also supports the Government with the sustainable reintegration of Rwandan returnees into their communities through reintegration packages to help build resilient livelihoods, and supports efforts to generate evidence on discrimination and supports strategies to increase initiatives on Income Generating Activities, improve nutritional support for PLWH, and accelerate advocacy for the adoption of new legal clauses for the rights of PLWH.

The comprehensive solutions strategy (CSS) pursues the objective to identify and implement solutions for refugees who fled from Rwanda between 1959 and 31 December 1998. Refugees whose situation falls within the scope of cessation should have the possibility to choose between voluntary repatriation and local integration. Simultaneously, each individual who claims that a well-founded fear of persecution, art. 1 A, par. 2, or compelling reasons arising out of past persecution, art. 1 C, par. 5(2), prevents him/her to return to his country of origin has the right to access an exemption procedure, which has to comply with international standards, in particular with regards to the right to appeal as well as the right to a fair trial. While several countries began to implement cessation related activities without officially invoking the cessation, the overall level of implementation of the comprehensive strategy varies from one country to another, in particular regarding the local integration component of the strategy.

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