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4 Nov 2013

United Nations Rwanda Development Assistance Plan 2013-2018

More Rwandans are sharing the benefits of strong economic activity powered by a large increase in services, agricultural output, robust agricultural exports, and strong domestic demand – all factors favourable to local producers and to workers, men and women, in town and countryside. Poverty rates have plummeted by nearly 12 percent, raising a million children, men and women out of poverty since 2008.
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5 Feb 2013

Delivering as One UN Annual Report 2012

Delivering as One in Rwanda

The year 2012 marked a significant milestone for the UN System -Wide Coherence agenda as it was the last year of the pilot phase for the Delivering as One (DaO).Globally, the strong commitment to Delivering as One was maintained as reflected in the significant increase in the number of countries adopting the DaO approach,thus, resulting in the strengthening of national leadership and ownership of the UN reform process.

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1 Jun 2012

Delivering as One UN Annual Report 2011

Rwanda’s Development Progress

In Rwanda, socio-economic development initiatives are  implemented  in  the framework of the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) 2008-2012, a mid-term strategic planning tool that provides the overall framework for achieving the country’s long term development goals embodied in Rwanda’s Vision 2020.

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1 Mar 2010

Delivering as One UN Annual Report 2009

The 1994 genocide had a devastating impact on Rwanda’s  social, economic and  political  foundations. This fact  notwithstanding,  Rwanda has made tremendous socio-economic  progress and institutional transformation since 1994. The Government of Rwanda continues to demonstrate strong leadership and ownership of the development processes by implementing several mechanisms to enhance development effectiveness and coordination among development partners as well as facilitating a favourable environment for effective development cooperation.

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1 Nov 2007

Millenium Development Goals Country report 2007

The process of developing the maiden Millennium Development Goals Report(MDGR) for Rwanda started in June 2006.

A broad range of stakeholders participated to ensure national ownership and relevance of the country report.
The individuals who participated in this process, and to whom due credit should be given, are too many to enumerate by name.

They are the men and women from government departments, civil society organizations and development partner institutions, who worked in the eight theme groups and members of the United Nations Task Force on the MDG Report.

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