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Kiziba refugee camp: Darkness Was Gone

Despite efforts to ensure safety within refugee camps, refugees, especially women and children, are still vulnerable to violence. Simple everyday activities become challenging and even dangerous; fetching firewood or water, going to the toilet at night or just wandering around the camp could pose as potential risks, for example, depending on where you are and the time of day.

The Global Brightlight Foundation had approach UNHCR Rwanda to try and address this serious issue. As a result, Global Brightlight Foundation will provide and distribute 3,000 “Sun King Solo” and 700 “Sun King Pro” solar lights to every household in Kiziba camp. 

UNHCR Rwanda is delighted as the lightweight, easy to carry solar lanterns will make the camp a safer and more suitable home for families. Children will now be able to study at night with clean light, households will no longer have to purchase kerosene or candles, cell phones can now be charged at home and for free, inhalation of black smoke will decrease, and women will be more secure at night -- thanks to visibility.